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About Caffeine



How does caffeine work?

Caffeine acts on the central nervous system playing a role in alertness when tiredness occurs.

Is caffeine addictive?

Many people consume caffeine everyday as part of their diet and it can cause mild physical dependence. If you’re used to drinking two cups of coffee a day and you give it up, you may experience some mild withdrawal symptoms, such as a headache or fatigue, for a couple of days*.

How much caffeine can I have?

The maximum recommended caffeine intake per day is 400mg, from all sources.


The amount of caffeine in a cup of tea or coffee depends on how enthusiastic you are with the teaspoons, but you can use this table as a guide:

Food Amount* Caffeine Content
Filter coffee 100 ml 50 - 100 mg
Instant coffee 100 ml 20 - 73 mg
Tea 100 ml 20 - 73 mg
Cola drink 100 ml Up to 20 mg
Energy drink 250 ml 80 mg
Chocolate 100 g 5 - 20 mg
Pro Plus Caffeine Tablet 1 tablet 50 mg
Pro Plus Ultra 1 capsule 100 mg
Pro Plus Fizz 1 tablet 100 mg

*100ml is equivalent to about 1 small cup of fluid